Dental Observations From the  Trenches

YES!  I stand on my head and preach about dentistry.  I really do think it is important to the well being of our pets.  Time after time I have clients tell me how much better their pets feel after a cleaning.  It improves their quality of life so much.

 Routine dentistry is a must for comfort.  However, a lot of dental procedures we do are on an emergency basis.  I have had dogs come in with pus draining out of their mouth AND THEY ARE STILL EATING!

severe dental

Both dogs and cats will eat despite severe dental disease. 

PAIN is a huge reason to do dentistry.  Have you ever had a tooth root abscess?  Remember how painful it was?  It is as if someone is jabbing an ice pick in your temples.  Dogs and cats experience the exact same pain we do.  (They are just not as whiny as we are!) Owners always expect their pets to express their pain by crying, pawing at their face etc.they will not. Most animals hide their pain very well.

The dog to the left was eating and acting normally and only came in for a consultation due to bad odor in the mouth

pre  We as owners need to be proactive. Keep a handle on your pet’s oral health.  You should  be able to examine your pets teeth and gums.  Your first sign is bad breath.  This is not “doggy breath”  it is dental disease.  Then check for redness around the gum line.  This indicates a bacterial infection called gingivitis.  This can ultimately affect the root of the tooth and the  surrounding tissue.

 During our dental cleanings we scale all the yellow-brown tarter that is adhered to the tooth as illustrated in the image to the right. We asses pockets and ensure that post cleaning the tooth is healthy. TO the right we have a pre and post dental photo. This patient had a dental at the perfect time to avoid and dental abscess and gingivitis.

Please, Please, Please look in your dog or cats mouth for evidence of disease.  If you can’t just call


and set up a free tech appointment to have their teeth graded.  It is so important to their overall health.

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