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Does your dog have itchy skin?  Does he or she suffer from Atopic dermatitis or chronic Allergies?  Are they keeping you up all night?  Have the side effects of long-term steroid use become a worry?
There are new treatment options now for dogs with Atopic dermatitis/Allergies.
Atopic dermatitis is caused by an allergic reaction (hypersensitivity) to one or more substances in the environment (allergens).  Dogs are often itchy and the skin on some parts of the body may be reddened, moist, or damaged due to scratching or chewing.
The diagnosis is based on your observations and on our physical examonation, as well as by ruling out other causes of allergies, parasites and food allergies.
Atopic dermatitis can be treated in many different ways.  Limiting exposure to allergens is most effective, but not usually practical.  Using medications such as fatty acids, prednisone or Atopica may be very helpful.
We now have another anti-inflammatory medications called Apoquel that can control the itch for you dog.  This is a oral tablet that is given twice daily in the beginning, then decreased to once daily.  Apoquel has made a hugh diference in our patients and owners lives.
Most recently a new injectable medication has been released my the FDA (cytopoint).  This new injection is a monoclonal antibody that attacks IL-31 and decreases the itchiness in dogs with Atopy/Allergies.  The injection is give subcutaneously every 4-8 weeks. As with any skin conditions it is important with to treat underlining infection first with antibitics.
If you feel your dog has Atopy or Allergies and would like to relieve their discomfort please call us and make an appointment with our veterinarians.

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